Edward Lynx performs Assessments of managers at all levels, as well as project managers, specialists, and other executives, according to criteria determined with the client. Our assessments are based on vast experience, psychometrics and proven tests, and current research.

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Business Acumen

With Business Acumen we aim to improve people’s understanding of how their everyday work can create bottom line results for the organisation and execute on strategy in an effective way. We work with managers and talents at medium and large organisations using business cases in a dynamic and realistic way.

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Customer Experience

The Customer Experience programme is about supporting your organisation in its contact with customers in order to improve the customer journey, create customer loyalty, and increase sales effectiveness. We help you identify gaps between the customer promise and the delivered customer experience.

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Leadership Programmes

We develop leaders to be able to reach their targets and create results. To ensure that our leadership programmes are relevant and realistic, we work closely with the organisation to understand its challenges and needs. By integrating theory with practical exercises as well as role-plays with actors, we create situations that are close to the everyday life of leaders.

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How can you find the right person for the right job, and ensure that you are attracting the best talents on the market? How do you guarantee that the new employee gets onboard efficiently and starts to deliver quickly? Our recruitment services help businesses deal with these and other challenges; in order to achieve results, we use deep knowledge of the market in different branches, various competencies gathered in Edward Lynx, a customer-focused approach, and highly valid and reliable tools.

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Staff Function Effectiveness

We work to optimise the impact of staff functions communication within the organisation and with the line managers. The aim is to ensure that staff functions optimise their professionalism,  maximise the usage of their time, and concentrate on key actions and needs of their business while also speaking the language of the business.

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Target Alignment

Target Alignment strengthens the implementation of your organisational change initiative so that you reach your short-term and long-term goals. We work with you to ensure that you have the right leaders and key stakeholders in place, and that your implementation plan fits the unique context of your organisation.

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Performance Measurement and Tools

Edward Lynx has a comprehensive toolkit to support managers and organisations in creating a common leadership language, high performance culture and consistent feedback process at multiple levels through the company.

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Saville psychometric assessment platform is developed based on extensive research and high quality, ground-breaking psychometrics, translated into successful workplace performance.

The platform, with personality inventories and a wide variety of capacity tests, delivers powerful results in identifying, selecting, developing, and managing talents. It can be used in volume recruitment, second opinions, and identifying team composition and roles, as well as in talent programmes, coaching and leadership training, and as a developmental tool.

Edward Lynx uses Saville Assessment tools in different services with customers. In addition, Edward Lynx provides training and certifies users to utilise the platform in order to help our customers establish a powerful internal tool. Find more on Saville Assessment by Edward Lynx.