Personal Impact Workshops

Based on our clients’ needs and feedback—and for maximum effect—we have decided to split the training into two sets of two-hour workshops (Step 1 and Step 2).

The price is 1500 SEK per session, or both steps for 2800 SEK total.

Personal Impact Workshops – Step 1

Our condensed and very appreciated two-hour training and workshop in order to become aware of and/or be reminded about your personal strengths and development areas, as well as broaden your impact. After two hours, you will have the necessary training and skill set in order to continuously practice, improve and strengthen your impact and future communication.
Location: Edward Lynx Office at Birger Jarlsgatan 37, 5 tr
Date & Time: Friday November 29, 3pm-5pm

Personal Impact Workshops – Step 2

In the first session, you got the toolbox. Here, we sharpen your tools for the future. We continue were we left off in our first session, and challenge and encourage you to stretch beyond your personal limitations (which we all face) in order to create a strong, personal, and lasting impact in any situation. You will work with your own individual challenge area (i.e handling challenging situations or resistance, discomfort speaking to small/large crowds, voice, dialect, accent, stress, nervousness or the common fear of the unexpected.)

Location: Edward Lynx Office at Birger Jarlsgatan 37, 5 tr
Date & Time: Monday December 9, 3pm-5pm