We deliver trainings and programmes at many different levels across a variety of industries. Target groups can range from young High Potential candidates to First Line Managers to C-level executives, always custom-built for your needs, time frame, and focus. Whether you need to improve sales figures, train to meet upcoming global shifts, or develop new talents to take leadership roles, we can build a programme to meet your goals.

Personal Impact

Do you know how to present your ideas in a way that reaches people? Or how to command the attention of a room when presenting? How about making the first impression that you want to make? In short - do you know what to do to improve your personal impact? Personal Impact workshops and seminars are run by our experienced business actors and consultants, who use experience from stage and film alongside their work in business to create an efficient and concentrated training.
Learn how to communicate more effectively, establish personal credibility, understand different personality styles and motivation, and present your ideas to get buy-in from others.