We create custom-made programmes that target the challenges of each specific customer and situation and train participants with hands-on methods designed to challenge, develop, and engage. Programmes are always custom made, practical, and designed to give real tools and knowledge that can be applied in daily working life.


Custom-made exercises and scenarios create a realistic setting regarding business models, game changers, and key drivers for change. Scenarios can address a variety of challenges, help assess or develop acumen, train impact, and more.

Put theory into practice with professional actors and work in a realistic way that connects theoretical learning to practical usage, increasing confidence and gaining practical tools and experience.

Conducted either face to face or remotely, sessions are hands-on, active, and tailored to the individual or group. The coach gives feedback continuously and challenges ways of thinking and acting, as well as working out practical plans of action for participants to improve themselves.

Projects designed to drive results, cultivate innovations, encourage cross-collaboration, and ensure that participants are applying their learning practically. Gather and apply knowledge to real-life challenges, looking at issues such as strategy, monitoring and data, risk, current business environment, and current external environment. Project work can be designed to pushout of silos and require cross-functional collaboration.


Leadership programmes are one of our highest-demanded types. These programmes can span any type of leadership situation, from High-Potential programmes and Leading without a Mandate to Senior Executive trainings.

Possible Topics Include:

  • Leading Vs. Managing Vs. Coaching
  • Cross Functional Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Leading Without A Formal Mandate
  • Effective Feedback
  • Coaching Leadership
  • Personal Impact
  • Conflict Management
  • Strategy
  • Business Acumen
  • Motivation
  • Customer-focused Leadership
  • Leading Innovation


Change management programmes – and all the many factors which fall in this category – are another type of programme in high demand. These programmes are designed to give you the tools to succeed if you are shifting your organisational structure, implementing new ways of working, preparing succession plans, or trying to encourage innovation and modernisation.

  • Contemporary change models
  • Manager’s toolkit
  • Switch model and research
  • Motivation and Motivation Factor tools
  • Strategy alignment
  • Succession planning
  • Getting buy-in