Hiring assessments

Role-specific recruitment assessments provide data to support your hiring decisions. Our professional assessors evaluate candidates based on a range of criteria including capacity, cultural fit, behavioural preferences, potential to grow, possible risks, and management or support needed to thrive.

Talent assessments

Assessments for developing and managing potential can include the same evaluations as hiring assessments do, as well as:

  • Leadership Management Effectiveness Audits
  • Measuring and Managing performance
  • Assessment and Development for Succession Planning/Leadership pipeline
  • Leadership profiling, including for transactions and transformations
  • Leadership Audit/Executive Assessment in Merger & Acquisition
  • 360° Assessments
  • High potential identification – Talent Audit
  • Team effectiveness Audit

Business and financial acumen

The lack of financial literacy and business acumen can have a negative impact on performance and results. Assessment of Financial Knowledge or Business Acumen helps to determine:

  • Capacity to read financial statements/reports, analyse and calculate, and make appropriate business decisions
  • Ability to handle psychological biases
  • Ability to focus, select and take in the right information for making decisions

Cases and/or roleplays

These scenarios let us assess soft skills such as Personal Impact, ability to give feedback, capacity to handle difficult situations or people, ability to think and strategise quickly, potential biases, and more.