Target alignment

Target Alignment strengthens the implementation of your organisational change initiative to help you reach your short-term and long-term goals, as well as ensure that your organisation is aligned in moving towards your overall business target.
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With our leadership programmes we aim to strengthen leadership capabilities and make leaders more effective in creating results for their organisation.
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Business acumen

With Business Acumen we aim to improve people’s understanding of how their everyday work executes on broader strategy, as well as how to create bottom line results for the organisation in an effective way.
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Growth & Succession

Recruiting and onboarding new employees is significantly more expensive than developing and retaining talent and competencies already present in the organisation. We ensure you develop employees and can plan succession efficiently.
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Performance management and Tools

We help measure and manage the organisational performance that supports organisational culture, values and strategy both on individual and team levels.
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Assessment and Recruitment

Edward Lynx’s assessment and recruitment solutions aim to identify and select people for key positions, as well as identify and develop individual potential.
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Lynx Mobile Leadership Application. Instant Feedback provides the opportunity for quick pulse feedback, fostering a culture of trust, and personal development. Development Plans help employees to follow up and track personal KPIs, while managers can track their direct reports’ progress. Lynx Measurement helps measure and evaluate employees’ KPIs and behaviours through 360 surveys, which creates transparency and increased visibility.
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Edward Lynx is an official partner of Saville Assessment, a Willis Towers Watson Company. Saville Assessment Products are rated as one of the most reliable and valid on the market, and include Aptitude Assessment, Personality Questionnaires, Accreditation Training and Consultancy Solutions. Find more on Saville Assessment by Edward Lynx.

DiSC® assessments are used worldwide in thousands of organisations of all sizes, major governmental agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. DiSC® products have been used successfully to develop ways of working and communicating more effectively with others. Through personal insights into their own behavioural strengths and challenges, participants in DiSC® trainings learn to relate to others.