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Data Protection Policy

Here at Edward Lynx, it is important to us that both our customers and our employees feel safe with the processing of personal data that occurs when we deliver our services, collaborate with our subcontractors, or work internally.
Ensuring the protection of personal data is not a one-time project for us, but rather a part of our company culture. We regularly work with information security and data protection within Edward Lynx to guarantee the secure management of information and personal data.


Edward Lynx deals with personal information in regard to our Assessment Centre and personal assessments, in our many management, leadership, and development programmes, and regarding our own employees. Personal data shall be treated with respect for the privacy of the individual and in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) applicable in the EU.

1) Protection of personal data

To ensure the appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data we process, we use an internal Data Base system. The company’s personal data protection is based on current data protection principles, and aims to create internal control ensuring the data controller’s rights based upon data protection legislation.

The key document defining the protection of personal data is the Edward Lynx Data Protection Policy.

2) Information Structure

In our internal Data Base system, we have a defined information structure that ensures adequate control of all personal data, as well as other information that we manage. The content of the information and the protection value determines the location in the structure as well as user permissions to access the same.

3) Access Control

We use an access management system to afford additional protection for the personal data and information that we manage. The starting point for our access management is demand-driven, i.e. only those functions which require access to the data in the context of ongoing work performed shall have said access.

4) Storage and screening

At Edward Lynx, all personal data shall be processed and stored only for the purposes for which they were originally collected, and personal data shall not be retained for a longer period than is necessary for the purposes of the processing. Additionally, in the case that specific data is subject to other external regulations regarding data storage time, the Company must take all relevant regulations into account when storing said data. Our core rule is that any personal data that we do not have legal basis for processing or regulatory requirement for keeping must be deleted.


We do not save personal data for longer than is necessary for the purpose of the services we provide. Our customers and employees are entitled to request information on what personal data we are processing about them at any time. Our customers and employees are also entitled to request that incomplete, incorrect, or insignificant information be corrected, deleted, or updated.


It is important that your personal data is protected. Therefore, we take all appropriate technical and organisational security measures required to protect personal data against unauthorised access, change, or destruction, such as protecting our physical servers as well as protecting our systems through firewalls, etc. We also work in a manner such that only those staff who require your personal information in order to perform ongoing services are granted the access to it.

Data Protection in our Assessment Services

When Edward Lynx AB receives a request for assessment from our customers we assign a code number to all reports regarding the candidate. The customer will receive an email with this code and is at the same time asked to delete this information from their inbox. Before the feedback session with the customer, we will send a written report with the code number as sole identification of the candidate.


All reports will be saved digitally in a secure environment for two years, with the code number as sole identification.


A key with candidate name attached to the code will be stored in a separate, highly secure area in the digital environment.


Within Edward Lynx AB assessment information will be accessible only with a special password, and only for the consultants and administrators involved in the specific candidate assessment.


Contact details
If you have any questions about our processing of personal data or related concerns, please feel free to contact us.


Edward Lynx AB
Att: Data Protection Implementation Manager


Grev Turegatan 38
114 38 Stockholm
+46 (0)8 406 01 30

This policy will be reviewed and updated annually or as required by changes in legislation or company practices, ensuring our commitment to data protection remains robust and effective.

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